M a s k n e


Is your skin suffering from wearing a face mask ? Breakouts, congestion & dullness.

This can be caused by the micro-climate caused from the fave mask & the excessive CO2 the builds around our skin. Our skin cells needs Oxygen for optimal health & masks unfortunately starve our skin of this resulting in skin issues.

We can HELP

Returning your skin to balance is very important and we have put 3 fabulous Image skincare products

*Ormedic Cleanser – soft balancing skin wash that can be used AM & PM

*Ormedic Bio-pepetide moisturiser – balances skin PH & supports a stronger skin barrier

*Probiotic mask – use 3 times per week after cleansing to heal & correct the skin biome preventing breakouts

I M A S K. – P R O B I O T I C M A S K
This fortifying green mask is packed with essential vitamins and minerals to defy the look of dullness, fatigue and signs of damage. Rich in antioxidant super-fruits and yogurt-based probiotics that support skin’s naturally occurring flora for optimal balance. Brazilian green clay and activated charcoal purify pores, leaving the skin clean, smooth and refined

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